Spacer Rings, Headwalls & Conversion Slabs

Hydra Storm Spacer Rings offer an effective and efficient way to adjust pit levels to required heights. We also manufacture standard conversion slabs and headwalls to suit a variety of liner and pipe sizes.

Hydra Storm can custom manufacture variances of these products to suit your requirements.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kg)
SW51-100Spacer Rings suit 940 liner - 100mm deep60
SW51-150Spacer Rings suit 940 liner - 150mm deep90
SW52-100Spacer Rings suit 1090 liner - 100mm deep76
SW52-150Spacer Rings suit 1090 liner - 150mm deep114
SW53-100Spacer Rings suit 1240 liner - 100mm deep108
SW53-150Spacer Rings suit 1240 liner - 150mm deep162
SW57-300Headwall to suit 300 pipe385
SW57-375Headwall to suit 375 pipe385
SW57-3450Headwall to suit 450 pipe385
CS011650 dia. x 200mm w/- 900mm Offset Opening691
CS022050 dia. x 200mm w/- 900mm Offset Opening1160
SW56Lineal Soakage Unit635
SW56Lineal Soakage Unit - Lid365