Highest reliability with the RailPipe® system

With RailPipe and RailControl, FRÄNKISCHE has developed the ideal complete system for all requirements of railway track drainage. The pipe and shaft with EBA certification boast the highest quality standards and satisfy all requirements in terms of long-term exposure to stress, static capacity and safety.

The RailControl flushing and inspection shaft (now with EBA certification) specifically designed for railway traffic requirements is the ideal addition to the practice-proven RailPipe drainage pipe. Both components have been ideally matched and form a

homogeneous and economical overall system providing highest functional reliability for planning engineers, users and builders.

RailPipe and RailControl meet all technical requirements of DBS 918064 and feature HPQ manufacturer-related product qualification. With the EBA-approved RailControl, the complete system is the first structured-wall pipe system to be certified for installation in the internal pressure range by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, EBA).

RailPipe® – One drainage pipe for all pressure ranges

RailPipe® features:

  • locally perforated (LP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 150 – DN 600
    totally perforated (TP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 150 – DN 600
    multi-purpose (MP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 200 – DN 600 (profile sealing ring incl.)
    un-perforated (UP) pipe: on request
  • red crown marking
    yellow mark for coupling insertion depth
  • according to DIN 4262 – 1 type R2 and DIN EN 13476
    DBS 918064
  • colour: black outside, red inside
    material: PP (virgin material, 100 % recyclable)
    inside wall thickness: 3.5 mm
    length: 6 m
    perforation area ≥ 50 cm2/m
    perforation width: 2.5 mm +/- 0.3 mm
  • ring stiffness SN 16 according to DIN EN ISO 9969
    jetting resistance according to DIN 19523 (material test)
  • 2.5 mm slit width for all nominal diameters
    twin-wall design, corrugated outside, smooth inside

RailPipe® advantages that impress

  • one pipe for all applications
  • can be used in all pressure ranges (outside of, external and inside pressure range)
  • extremely durable drainage pipe
  • high infiltration rate thanks to perfectly arranged percolation openings and low water infiltration resistance
  • extremely high flow of water thanks to smooth inner pipe wall
  • complies with the extremely high requirements of DB AG on impact strength
  • temperature-resistant also at sub-zero temperatures
  • high UV resistance
  • quality-monitored, external control by SKZ
  • satisfies highest requirements in terms of safety and stability
  • highest degree of planning security
  • solution meeting the needs of construction sites
  • simple, inexpensive and space-saving construction site logistics

RailControl flushing and inspection shaft – the ideal addition to RailPipe®

  • Inside diameter of shaft bottom and extension pipe DN/ID 600
  • Resistant to acids, bases, oils and greases acc. to DIN 8075, supplementary sheet 1
  • UV-resistant, longer periods of storage outside possible
  • Temperature resistant from –40 to +80 °C
  • Extremely robust
  • Extension pipe SN 16, black outside, red inside
  • Statically substantiated, structural test by MFPA Leipzig
  • Connection of conventional standard covers 625 mm using a BARD ring (class D concrete support ring)
  • Height adjustment thanks to extension pipe which can be cut to length as required
  • Easy construction site handling
  • Fully-fledged raceway in the shaft bottom
  • Proof of jetting resistance according to DIN 19523 (material test)