Main Roads WA Covers

Hydra Storm MRWA covers are made in accordance with Main Roads requirements and are suitable for trafficable and non-trafficable applications.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kg)
M01GN Cover 1500x1300x200mm MR Grate (Non-TFC)884
M02GT Cover 1500x1300x230mm MR Grate (TFC)985
M03GT Cover 1650 dia. x 230mm MR Grate (TFC)1109
M04WN Cover 1500x1300x200mm 2pt Conc. (Non-TFC)810
M05WT Cover 1500x1300x230mm C/Iron 2pt ‘D’ (TFC)9*0
M06HN Cover 1650 dia. x 200mm MR Catchpit Grate944
M07HN Cover 1500x1300x200mm MR Catchpit Grate1045
M08RN Cover 1500x1300x200mm Conc. (Non-TFC)866
M09RN Cover 1650 dia. x 200mm Conc. (Non-TFC)892
M10RT Cover 1500x1300x230mm C/Iron 600D (TFC)972
M11RT Cover 1650 dia. x 230mm C/Iron 600D (TFC)1088