FRÄNKISCHE offers a wide range of separators for the filtration and removal of mineral oils, sediments and heavy metals from stormwater.

SediSubstrator-L treats very heavily contaminated stormwater in 2 very carefully devised steps.

Step 1: Suspended solids settle (sediment) below the flow separator.

Step 2: Dissolved pollutants such as heavy metals and light liquids are bound to the SediSorp Plus substrate.

This 2-step solution is unique. The pretreatment in step 1 prevents the substrate cartridge in step 2 from becoming silted up. Sustainable removal of dissolved and suspended constituents from the stormwater is thus guaranteed.

Very innovative and efficient – the 2-phase principle

All suspended solids are already retained in the sedimentation path. Only harmful substances that are still dissolved arrive at the substrate filter. Clogging is thus ruled out.

SediSorp substrate versus wet salt

SediSubstrator L operates with a specially developed adsorption substrate, SediSorp plus. SediSorp plus has been developed in line with the most recent scientific findings in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and demonstrably prevents the penetration of heavy metals into the soil and groundwater caused by wet salts. For the first time, treatment systems with SediSorp plus offer a technology with proven resistance to wet salts. Both road safety and the protection of the soil and groundwater are thus guaranteed for the long term.

Ease of installation & traffic loads

SediSubstrator L is delivered complete from stock. Thanks to the innovative telescopic design, you can select the right connection height and angular deflection on site.

As standard, SediSubstrator L can withstand heavy traffic loads.

Easy maintenance

The service interval* is: 4 years. A standard vacuum truck with spray head needs roughly 1 hour for complete cleaning and camera inspection of SediSubstrator L. The substrate cartridge has to be replaced every 4 years.

* A unique feature is that the service interval can be exactly determined after the 1st year of operation by means of a camera inspection.

Which type of SediSubstrator?

The right type of SediSubstrator depends on a variety of factors. By completing the capacity calculation below, you can determine without obligation which type and size of SediSubstrator is best suited to your situation.