HDPE – Corrugated Drainage

Stormwater systems have traditionally been constructed with concrete pipes. They are rigid and perceived to be the most cost-effective system for drainage works.

HDPE Corrugated drainage pipe has been accepted globally as a real, engineered alternative solution to conventional concrete pipes for non-pressure drainage applications.

The Australian market in recent years has adopted this material as a sustainable system, delivering on a range of benefits thus reducing whole of life project costs. Combine this product with stormwater management systems such as Frankische, and you deliver end to end solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly for the improvement of drainage for livability.

Our environmental challenges around water scarcity continue to create unease for the future generations of tomorrow. Protecting our precious resource is vital, and this can be done through the development and acceptance of improved stormwater management solutions.

Benefits of HDPE corrugated drainage pipe:

  • Manufactured in accordance to AS – NZS 5065
  • Available from Diameter Nominal (DN) 225mm to 600mm
  • Manufactured from recycled HDPE
  • Health and safety benefits when storing or handling on site
  • Engineered to be a flexible pipe delivering SN8 to SN16 capabilities
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Not prone to cracking
  • Full sustainability 100% recyclable
  • Between 80% and 95% lighter than concrete
  • Less demand on plant and equipment during construction
  • Easier installation through Rubber Ring jointing system
  • 6M lengths rather than 2.4M lengths
  • Productivity improvements
  • Total project cost reduction
  • Less joints = less risk for leaks
  • Reduced transport costs through better truck utilisation


Corrugated drainage pipes are used in the following Applications:

  • General infrastructure road and rail
  • Asset renewal Brownfields
  • Greenfield Subdivisional applications
  • Car parks or public open spaces
  • Commercial and industrial applications for internal drainage
  • Culvert applications for Rural and agricultural markets
  • Multi bank culverts for mining applications (Flood plains)
  • Low head water transfer


Item No.Nominal Diameter (DN)Outside Diameter (mm)Internal Diameter (mm)Nominal Overall Length (mm)Length (Sp/So) Effective Length (mm)Stiffness Class (SN)Jointing Method
PE225C225252218644663098Rubber Ring
PE300C300344294640862288Rubber Ring
PE375C375423363636661368Rubber Ring
PE450C450504435635161218Rubber Ring
PE525C525601519631160338Rubber Ring
PE600C600688589624559018Rubber Ring

Overall and effective lengths may change without notice

Measurements are approximate and subject to change without notice