FRÄNKISCHE offers a wide range of separators for the filtration and removal of mineral oils, sediments and heavy metals from stormwater runoff.

SediPipe L plus cleans heavily oil-contaminated stormwater by allowing the suspended solids to settle (sediment) behind the lower flow separator and removing light liquids (such as mineral oils) to be removed from the water by the upper flow separator.

Here SediPipe L plus achieves the same treatment values as a coalescence separatorin accordance with DIN-EN 858. SediPipe has a very high separation performance of 86 %, removing suspended solids measuring < 0.06 mm from the stormwater. Fine sand and coarse sediment are removed 100 % in the SediPipe system. The immersion wall in the target shaft protects the oil depot from being washed out.


The function of SediPipe is effective and innovative. The innovation comes essentially from the patented grids developed specially for this purpose – the flow separator. Its special structure prevents circulation and short-circuit flows.

Ease of installation & traffic loads

SediPipe L plus is delivered from stock. Thanks to the innovative telescopic design, you can select the right connection height and angular deflection on site. Because there is no difference in height between inlet and outlet, SediPipe L plus can be easily installed, even in an existing pipework system.

As standard, SediPipe L plus can withstand heavy traffic loads.

Easy maintenance

The service interval* is: 3 years A standard vacuum truck with spray head needs roughly 1 hour for complete cleaning and camera inspection of the SediPipe.

* A unique feature is that the service interval can be exactly determined after the 1st year of operation by means of a camera inspection.

Product Overview - SediPipe L Plus

Which Type of SediPipe?

The right type of SediPipe depends on a variety of factors. By completing the capacity calculation below, you can determine which type and size of SediPipe is best suited to your situation.