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Diamond Grid literally toughens your rural terrain by eliminating muddy areas on your property. Suitable for driveways, feed & water troughs, stable floors, muddy areas, arenas, shed floors and day yards. Diamond Grid reduces infrastructure costs and eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses.

  • Save up to 60% on the cost of concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Resolve problems with muddy areas on farms that slow down production and create extra costs
  • Cost saving alternative to traditional surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, paving, etc.
  • DIY installation allows quick install without having to rely on contractors
  • Used throughout Australia, USA, Latin America, Mexico and Canada by leading thoroughbred studs, cattle stations/ranches, National Parks, commercial racecourses, export cattle yards, hobby farmers, commercial and private equestrian centres
    and more.


The ground surface is battered with erosion, tyre ruts and mud after long spells of rain. For all potential Diamond Grid applications, the ground is unstable and continued use makes it worse.


Diamond Grid maintains a permeable and cost effective surface to improve visibility on roads, create hard surfaces for any rural, civil construction and landscaping application. Eliminates mud, erosion and run-offs.

Diamond Grid - Rural Driveway 'Before'

Diamond Grid - Rural Driveway 'After'

A major benefit to using Diamond Grid is its ability to stabilise the floor whilst allowing water to drain away naturally. Diamond Grid has successfully been used across rural and farming properties for the below applications:

  • Driveways
  • Cattle Yards
  • Stables
  • Day Yards
  • Horse Walkers, Round Yards and Arenas
  • Feed and Water Troughs
  • Paddock Shelters