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Reduce infrastructure costs and eliminate on-going maintenance expenses

Diamond Grid surface stabilisation systems are successfully used by leading Mining companies throughout the world to cut costs on surfacing roads, shed floors and any other areas where a solid surface is required for all types of vehicles.
Diamond Grids also eliminate the need for on-going maintenance on unsurfaced roads that traditionally require machinery for road repairs on a regular basis.


Diamond Grid can be used as a top surface on haul roads to prevent pot holes, corrugation and erosion on road edges. The grids reduce downtime, and help reduce labour and machinery costs compared to using concrete. They also reduce the costs of running a grader to repair roads.


Diamond Grid can be used to create a solid surface for hardstands without the costs associated with common sealing products such as concrete and bitumen.

Diamond Grid - Haul Road

Diamond Grid - Hardstands


Diamond Grid eliminates the ongoing expense of road maintenance crews and machinery, whilst providing a safe and durable surface.


Install cost effective pathways, that are durable to heavy use, stable and will not wash away
or become boggy, even after intrepid weather conditions. Using Diamond Grids for mining camp pathways provides a cost effective and stable solution that is also relocatable when the camps are moved.

Diamond Grid - Mine Access Roads

Diamond Grid - Mine Plant Paths