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Diamond Grid - Golf Course

Reduce infrastructure costs and eliminate  on-going maintenance expenses

Diamond Grid surface stabilisation systems are successfully used by leading landscaping companies throughout the world to cut costs on surfacing roads, shed floors and any other areas where a solid surface is required for all types of vehicles and pedestrians.

Diamond Grids also eliminate the need for on-going maintenance on unsurfaced areas that traditionally require machinery for repairs and maintenance on a regular basis.


Popular with both developers and homeowners, Diamond Grid can be filled with natural earth, road base or used in conjunction with other landscape products and materials to give a practical and purpose built appearance, whilst keeping traffic to formalised walkways.


Diamond Grid provides a water permeable paving solution for stabilising grass and preventing erosion from any trafficked area. The grid systems can be seeded with grass, or filled with gravel to provide a free draining system, saving time and money on ongoing green keeping and maintenance costs.

Diamond Grid - Domestic Pathways

Diamond Grid - Golf Course 1

Diamond Grid has been successfully used for the below applications around the world:

Walking and Mountain Bike Paths

Diamond Grid is a cost effective way to deal with soft spots and drainage issues on walking or mountain bike tracks, where continual heavy wear requires ongoing maintenance. On steep slopes that are prone to erosion or have experienced excavation, Diamond Grid can be adopted to retain soil and can integrate with turfing and other erosion control products.

Fire Trails

Diamond Grid is installed on fire trails to ensure emergency vehicles have year round access no matter the weather conditions.


The unique design of Diamond Grid allows you to build attractive driveways with decorative pebbles by stabilising the fill so that it does not migrate, even in areas subject to constant traffic or repeat wheel tracking and turning. The product is also effective in ensuring that different fills do not mix together, erode or wash away.

Concrete Car Ports

Concrete costs can be reduced by up to 60% when using Diamond Grid as the reinforcement structure for resurfacing your carport or driveway. A concrete depth of only 40mm is required to achieve a certified compression strength test of 25 MPa, providing considerable savings on concrete materials and labour.